Laszio Nagy

Calculus AB/BC

Central Illinois APSI - Online

Laszlo Nagy has taught AP Calculus AB and BC in Miami-Dade and Broward County Public Schools, FL for 18 years. He enjoys conducting one day and multi day workshops as a College Board endorsed Workshop Consultant. He has served as an AP Calculus reader since 2008. Laszlo has been a Mock reading facilitator and an online reader of Mock AP Calculus tests. He conducts AP Review sessions for the students of Broward County Public Schools and serves as the Lead Teacher for the District AP Calculus Professional Learning Community. Laszlo is responsible for the design and maintenance of the District Canvas Calculus Course created for District teachers and students when virtual learning is mandated. Laszlo was Teacher of the Year at Western High School, Broward County Mathematics Teacher of the Year, and Broward County Teacher of the Year finalist in 2011. He currently teaches at Cypress Bay High School in Weston, FL. Laszlo is passionate about teaching AP Calculus and is highly motivated to provide superior trainings, support, resources and encouragement to AP Calculus teachers everywhere. He has been National Board Certified in AYA Mathematics since 2001.