COVID-19 Notice

Our national crisis has not diminished the fact that AP teacher training is an important component of student success in AP classes.  APSI remains as important as a professional development opportunity as ever.

Due to continuing international concerns with COVID-19, the College Board has approved the delivery of our services via online to support AP teachers who need what we offer: training, teacher community and professional confidence and support. The fact that we are isolated does not mean that we can't or don't need the value that APSI provides. 

With that in mind, our 2021 events in Grand Blanc and Champaign will again be offered in an online format. Currently the 2021 Grandville session is being prepared for an on-site experience, however pandemic status as well as recommended guidelines from government agencies and the College Board will be monitored and adhered.  We are doing this with the intention of providing the same concern for quality and the same commitment to AP that you have come to experience and expect from us whether you are attending online or in person.


East Institutes has presented AP professional development since 2015. As a former school administrator and College Board consultant, I have directed APSIs in Michigan since 2008 at events which have trained over 4000 AP teachers.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding training options for 2021, please let us know what you think! Contact us at  We hope to serve you this summer!


​Mike Hobolth


East Institutes LLC

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