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What Participants Have To Say.

Andrea C.

AP English Literature

I liked the fact that we had an instructor who is a proven AP Literature educator who could back up his teaching with excellent student scores over the years. It was also helpful that by bringing in this educator from "out of state" we reduced the likelihood that we had taken a previous course from him. This increases the opportunity for learning different approaches and techniques from different people.

Wendy V.

AP World History

The presenters did a good job of having the group interact and discuss. There was PLENTY of work time built in during the day, so participants were not doing "homework" all evening. The materials arrived to my home in plenty of time before the conference started. The presenter for my session was very patient and responded via e-mail promptly.

Tony D.

AP Statistics

Could complete this course from home yet still felt that I learned valuable content. I enjoyed the flexibility of the schedule and opportunity to work independently at my own pace yet check in to ask questions. I enjoyed the many various activities that demonstrated how to effectively teach the content.

Rola G.
AP Biology

I liked everything that was given to us during the sessions. As a first time AP Biology teacher, everything was helpful, from the planning of the course, analyzing data using excel, getting acquainted with the course and exam description CED, ideas of virtual labs, etc.

Juliana C.
AP Statistics

It was very much in tune with the current climate of our school year. Technology was a big part of being successful as hybrid and virtual learning was the new norm - the APSI seminar I attended really helped me get a jump start on resources that would be valuable for me and actually practice the forms of technology that I would be expecting my students to be familiar with.

Stephanie C.

AP World History

What I liked is the fact that we were still able to get together and learn even though we were doing so remotely. I enjoyed getting perspectives from fellow teachers from other states that I wouldn't have been able to do if the sessions hadn't been virtual.

Sara K.
AP Psychology

I liked that I could attend from out of state. I live in WI and it was much easier to find an APSI conference that worked for my schedule when I could attend remotely. I thought the format was great.

Brittney M.

AP US History

I really appreciated the amount we learned and being able to work both synchronously, asynchronously, and in groups to achieve our goal. Our instructor, Kyle was especially knowledgeable and the resources he shared were phenomenal. I would also highly recommend continuing to use Google Classroom as Schoology is difficult to register for if your school doesn't use it or if you're using a personal email to register.

Kim W.
AP English Literature

I enjoyed collaborating with both experienced and rookie AP literature teachers. Despite me not being a huge fan of technology, I felt the online course was very convenient and still incredibly informative.

I was very much pleased with how things went. Being a new teacher of AP, I left the week feeling very confident despite going into the training with no clue what to expect.

Claudia W-T.
AP Chemistry

A little more flexibility since I could do it from home and not a hotel room.  Since there were less opportunities for actual hands-on lab experiences, we had more time to work and discuss things with our peers.  It was very helpful to have these discussions.

Bryan M.
AP Environmental Science

Amazing information and online activities, presenter did an amazing job.

Peter H.
AP Art & Design

I loved that I didn't have to travel if I'm being honest!  I loved that I had access to other teachers dealing with exact same problems I was having and could resolve them and discuss them.  I appreciated the professionalism Dr. Fitzsimmons brought to the coursework while also being a human with us.  I liked that we covered REAL LIFE situations rather than just discussing theoretical.  We worked with the real world in our discussions.  It was treated like it was in person and in a lot of ways that made it feel in person.

Stephanie S.

AP Statistics

As a brand new AP Stats teacher, it was great to have all of the material AND have the general setup and outline of the course explained.  My instructor, Sarah, also did a terrific job of reassuring everyone who was new to the course and keeping us from getting overwhelmed.  The amount and difficulty level of the activities was very helpful for someone who hasn't taught statistics in about 12 years.  The session also emphasized using activities to teach and modeled how that would work; it is more effective than lecture (of course) and it was very helpful to see how those activities could be implemented.  I also liked using the breakout rooms to work through problems with peers.

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