Rod Franchi

US History

Grandville APSI - Online

Rod has been teaching AP US History at Novi HS in Novi, MI for 18 years. He teaches for many reasons, but underlying all of them is the belief that kids can become better thinkers and better writers with a little guidance from their teachers. The key to do this in APUSH, Rod believes, is to design lessons and year-long practices that help our kids think like historians. It's fun, too.

Writing plays a central role in Rod’s APUSH classroom. In addition to a master's in history education Rod also has a master's in English with a specialty in writing. Last year he started HistoryHive, a writing program that creates a space so former APUSH students can share writing insights with current students. You can read about it here:

Rod has been an APUSH Reader and served as department chair for 15 years in addition to various other leadership positions at the county and state levels. Recently he led two webinars in AP US History practices for the College Board. Rod has been an Attending Teacher in the University of Michigan’s Rounds Program since it began ten years ago. Rod’s current project is to develop the writing and testing sections for an APUSH textbook. Also, he and his wife Kristin are Co-Directors of the Novi AP Summer Institute. Rod looks forward to learning from his experience teaching APUSH with his current classes in preparation for next year.